Crack the code to create a winning sales journey by joining sales expert Morgan J. Ingram in this 3-part Masterclass Series.

The Sessions

Build a better sales journey from cold outreach to closing the deal.

April 24 at 1pm ET

Session 1

The Right Way to 'Sell’ on LinkedIn

Discover the key to generating pipeline on LinkedIn. Learn how to make your profile stand out, personalize your connection requests, engage with potential clients, and naturally take the conversation from the inbox to a meeting.

May 8 at 1pm ET

Session 2

Cold Call Conversions Made Easy

Learn the ins and outs of cold conversions. Learn how to properly prepare for cold calls, use the best frameworks for emailing and calling cold prospects, handle objections, and ask better questions.

May 22 at 1pm ET

Session 3

Uncovering Urgency to Drive More Wins

Explore strategies to move deals forward faster. Learn how to leverage AI and automation to speed up your sales process, identify which deals you should continue working, and keep the relationship thriving between meetings.

You'll learn how to:

You'll learn how to:

  1. Personalize messages to stand out

  2. Convert prospects from cold conversations

  3. Speed up your sales process with AI & automation

Morgan J. Ingram
Your Host

Morgan J. Ingram

Morgan J. Ingram is the founder and CEO of Ascension Media Productions (AMP), helping companies convert content into pipeline. He shares his career learnings, advice, and forward-thinking ideas on topics such as using AI to accelerate the sales process and breaking through the noise with prospecting techniques.

Morgan was named a Top 50 Sales Leaders to follow and four-time Top Voices in Sales by LinkedIn, and a Top 25 Sales Development Thought Leader by Inside Sales.

Improve every stage of your sales experience

In The Art of ‘Cold to Closed’, you’ll hear Morgan’s insights and expertise on perfecting the sales experience — from the first cold contact all the way to winning the deal.

You'll learn:

  • Best practices to generate pipeline faster on LinkedIn

  • Key frameworks to simplify cold outreach and objection handling

  • Strategies to keep the momentum going until the deal closes

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